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Yoga Instructor | Massage Therapist

Patricia Kovacic | Yoga Fitness Instructor
Patricia Kovacic


Patricia's interest in Yoga began in the late 1980s in Malaysia. The holistic discipline appealed to her, as did the simple nature of practising Yoga. As a result, she cherished the renewed vitality, felt strong and at peace with a sense of balance and harmony in her daily life.
















Since then, Patricia has lived in many diverse cultures and countries throughout the world and has continually extended her yogic studies.

While immersing herself in those cultures, she discovered Iyengar Yoga in Chile, meditation in Tanzania and frequently travels to India to further her knowledge in yogic studies.

Patricia has studied with renowned Senior Iyengar Yoga Masters and Teachers for over 20 years.




  • Fitness Australia 

  • Yoga Australia



  • Certificate III in Fitness TAFE

  • Swedish Massage Therapy NATURE CARE COLLEGE

  • Accredited: Yoga Instructor

  • Accredited: Aqua Instructor

  • Accredited: Gym Instructor

  • Accredited: Group Exercise Freestyle

  • Bachelor of Counselling

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

  • Master Practioner NLP

  • Senior First Aid Certificate and CPR

  • Fully insured

  • Fully vaccinated

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