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Yoga Fitness | Yoga Northern Beaches Studio
The Studio

YogaFitness boasts a private studio located on the border of Elanora Heights bushland.

Fully equipped to offer beginner's, intermediate or advanced yoga lessons, the Studio is the best way to practice yoga away from crowds and in your own personal space.

The Studio is also perfect to unwind and relax through massage therapy. A range of styles including Remedial, Swedish, Pregnancy, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology and Ceragem via heated infrared accupressure complement your yoga practice to maximise results for your mind and body.

Patricia Kovacic | Yoga Fitness Instructor | Yoga Northern Beaches
Yoga Instructor | Massage Therapist

Patricia has been practicing yoga for over 30 years (well before it became a hot topic!) and has extensive training from India, Chile, USA and Australia.

The holistic discipline appealed to her as did the simple nature of practicing yoga.  

She enjoyed renewed vitality, felt strong and at peace with a sense of balance and harmony, realising the practice of yoga, together with meditation improved not only her life, but that of her students as well.

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